A Laissez-passer is an official travel document issued by the Ethiopian Embassy to Ethiopian citizens needing to travel to Ethiopia urgently, in the event that their passport or travel document has been lost or stolen.


Please note that this document can only be used once to go back to Ethiopia. This is a temporary document.


Applications must be made in person at the permanent Mission, as you will be required to provide fingerprints.


To apply for a Laissez-passer travel document, please read the following information carefully.


Complete the application form for each person travelling to Ethiopia.

The form must be completed in BLOCK CAPITAL letters in either blue or black ink.

You must:

·       Complete the form to the best of your ability, answering all the required questions clearly. Your application may not be processed if you fail to provide all necessary information

·       Sign and date the form, where asked

If you have any questions concerning your application, please contact the consular section via the contact 



~Download Pdf Laissez-Passer-Application-Form.pdf
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